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Every invitation suite is designed specifically to you! Styles, layering options, and embellishments are unique to each design, we at Events by Design have put together a common list of inclusions....


> 100% Custom Design Suite, No Books!

> Complete Invitation Assembly

> RSVP Envelopes addressed

> Outer Mailing Envelope

> Guest List Addressing

> Up to 3 insert cards

> Expert Design & Service



All invitation, save the date, and Thank you card orders include envelopes.


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{ what style of invites are there? }

Panel Cards – Are you a simple bride, one page is enough to get your guests to the event, then this is the invite for you! Beautify your card with a mat to add a splash of color.

Panel Pockets – This is something simple that adds a flash of color and gives that elegant and classy feel to your invites. (+) Less assembly required. Pocket on one side.

Gate Card – Think brochure, and this style is best for including all of your information on one page. This card is setup with the pages opening in the center.


Folded Card – An alternative to the Gate Card this is more like a greeting card, allowing all of the information to reside in one place.

Various Pocket Fold Designs – Do you have a lot of information you want to share in an organized fashion? This is the selection for you! Side pockets allow you to coordinate multiple components in an attractive manner for your guests. There are many sizes and orientations to choose from!

This is just the beginning! Add embellishments, ribbons, gems, monograms or wax seals, to make it distinctively yours!

custom invitations

EVENTS by DESIGN also carries a suite of ready-to-order items. Please visit our ETSY and Zazzle stores for more information. ETSY offers many options for the DIYer and to customize preexisting designs.

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